It is Easy with Stickers

Every time I use Peel-Off Stickers and Silk Microfine Glitter from Elizabeth Craft Designs, people fall in love with my cards. It’s a fun and simple technique that provides big rewards. My husband, who had never crafted before a friend dared him, loves it and colors whenever the booth is slow or someone wants a demo.

The greatest thing about it is the glitter stays put, so the recipient does not receive an envelope full of glitter. You can even put it in your scrapbook and not get a puddle of glitter at the bottom of your page protector.


The technique is really simple and you need just a few products.

  1. Cut a piece of white cardstock slightly larger than your outline sticker.
  2. Cut a piece of Elizabeth Craft Designs’ Clear Double Sided Adhesive the same size as the cardstock. NOTE: This is exceptional adhesive. Once your glitter, sequins or whatever you need to stick is stuck, it isn’t coming off. This also means you should move it out of your way so you don’t accidentally pick it up with your elbow.
  3. Adhere the adhesive to the cardstock and set it aside.
  4. Place the release sheet (or backing) off of the adhesive in front of you, upside down (the blue ECD logo should be face down on the table).
  5. Carefully peel off your sticker and lay it upside down on the release sheet (sticky side up).
  6. Make sure it is positioned how you like and that there are no “hitchhiker” pieces still attached. Licking your finger helps if the sticker sticks to your finger. Tweezers also come in handy for this process.
  7. Take the cardstock with the adhesive on it and pull the other release sheet off (if still attached).
  8. Lay it sticky side down on top of the sticker on the release sheet. Flip it over and remove the release sheet again.
  9. Coat the sticky liberally with Elizabeth Craft Designs’ Silk Microfine Glitter in either Warm Diamond or Cool Diamond. NOTE: These are the only glitters I know of you can color on safely. Do not try this with traditional glitters.
  10. Tap off the excess and polish it. You will see the sparkles intensify as it cements the glitter into the adhesive. This is the secret to it never coming off! If you find spots that are still sticky, add more glitter.
  11. Grab an alcohol ink marker, like Copic or Colorista, and color away. Some water-based markers also work, but you need to let them dry overnight. If any glitter comes off on your pen, you need to stop and polish harder.
  12. Now you can trim the rectangle with a paper trimmer, like I did in the Happy Birthday card at the top, or cut it out with scissors, like I did the ornament card.

Add a few layers of cardstock and/or patterned paper and a sentiment to turn the colored sticker into a stunning card. Your friends will be amazed at how elegant and beautiful the card looks — much like a stained-glass window — and you will love how easy it is.

Give it a try … I’m sure you’ll love it!

Merry Christmas

I’ve always said, “It’s the thought that counts.”

And, I have always meant it, too.

One of my favorite gifts was when my daughter took a shoe box and covered it in scrapbook paper and gave it to me as a present. She was little and has never had the patience for paper crafting. So, while it will never win an award, I love it as if it was made by Tim Holtz, because she took the time to make something she thought I would like.

This year I thought of sending handmade Christmas cards to all of my friends and family. I have been planning it for months and spent hours coming up with “the” card. But, December seems to be flying by and I am afraid I am not going to get them all finished and in the mail before the holidays.

So, I decided to post this year’s still unfinished Christmas card so all of my friends can see it and know that I thought of them when I designed it.

In case you were wondering, the Penny Black stamp was colored with Copic markers (I have that part finished) and then placed on layers of cardstock and paper by American Crafts. I added Ranger’s new Liquid Pearls to the centers of the flowers and topped the chicken off with a Santa hat from Jolee’s. The Merry Christmas stamp is from Tim Holtz. Inside, the card will eventually say “from one chick to another.”

To all my chicky friends … if your card doesn’t quite get to your mailbox, please remember that I was thinking of you during the holidays. It really is the thought that counts!