Making Copic Jewelry

Each year, I make my children a special gift for Christmas.

After all of these years, it is a bit of a challenge to come up with something unique. I’ve already made them ornaments, mini albums, trash cans, mirrors, posters, photo collages and more.

This year, I decided to make my daughter a necklace and I learned a few new techniques along the way.

I started with a photo I printed of Marilyn Monroe (my daughter is currently fascinated with her). I ran it through a copy machine to make it black and white and allow me to make a photo transfer with it. (Ink Jet doesn’t work, but Toner, like in a copy machine, does.)

Next, I covered the image with a piece of clear packaging tape, trimmed the edges and then dipped it in a bit of warm water. I rubbed the paper off of the back so I was left with a clear image (only the black ink remains on the transfer.)

I pulled out a sheet of metal “paper” from QuicKutz, but I believe Ranger’s metal sheets would work in much the same way.

Using Copic Markers, I airbrushed the sticky side (after removing the protective backing paper) in a few shades of pink. Then, I attached the transfer (the metal remains sticky) and trimmed the edges.

I inserted it into a Memory Frame from Ranger Inkssentials, along with two pieces of glass. I added a bit of Grungeboard to fill out the space between the transfer and the glass in the back.

I then took a few Baubles from Tim Holtz and placed them in a tiny plastic bag. I added some Alcohol Ink to color the beads gray and attached them with a jump ring.

Finally, I added a bit of cording I picked up at Michael’s and my daughter had a beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind necklace. The colors change from pink to red depending on the light and the metallic paper shines through. It really turned out nice — the photos don’t do it justice …

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