Are you thankful?


Today, I’m on the Just Imagine Kreaxions blog with this card …

I  love how it turned out. And, although I didn’t take step-by-step photos, I can tell you how I made it.

So, I started with dark green cardstock, which I turned into the card base.


Next, I cut a piece of paper for the front and used my Kreaxions punch #902 with the A inserts … The inserts snap in and out easily and actually change the portion of the punch that punches. They come with each punch, so you get three options from one punch!

Personally, I have been struggling with these punches. A severe case of tennis elbow years ago has caused me to lose some strength and abilities in my right arm. So, although there is nothing wrong with the punches, my arm wasn’t cooperating and I couldn’t punch very many times — until I got the Kreaxions Punch Mate! It is amazing how easy the punches work with this tool! So, I am back to punching.

Next, I layered the card with some coordinating paper and stickers and I have this beautiful Thanksgiving card …


There are more Thanksgiving cards on the blog today … click here to see them.

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