Quilt in your Scrapbook!

I love quilts. It is the one thing I wish I had inherited from my family. Unfortunately, since they were made from pieces of worn-out clothing (making them that much more important to me) and thrown together just to keep people warm at night, rather than in an attractive pattern, they were not considered valuable and were not kept. As soon as the family could afford it, they bought bedspreads and comforters and threw out the quilts.

But, my love for quilting has continued on and although I am just learning to sew with fabric, I am pretty good at pasting paper — especially when I have a great die to use!

Mosaic Moments recently released a die that cuts 12 corner dies that perfectly fit the grid paper.

I created this page using the die, following a quilt pattern I got off of Pinterest.mm_chevron by Candy Spiegel

And, I made a video to show you how I did it! Click here to see how easy it is.