Making Easter Eggs


We may be buried in the snow and enjoying yet another below-zero day, but Easter is right around the corner and I am always eager to play with eggs, so I created these ones.


I started with purchased paper-mache eggs, which I painted with brass Distress Paint and let dry.


I then put three colors of Distress Paint on my craft mat. I rolled the eggs around a bit and then spritzed them with water. This is a very messy process, but it created some really neat blends. This is what makes Distress Paint unique and different from other acrylic paints … it will blend and mix and react with water while wet, without becoming muddy, but will become permanent when dry. So, the layer of gold that I put on first did not mix in with the other colors, but it peeks out from behind the other paint.

Of course, these eggs are not yet finished.

To find out how I embellished them, visit the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog.