Bunny Water: Updated

UPDATE: I can’t believe I completely forgot the most important part of this project.

Once finished, I coated the all of the paper and stickers with Glue ‘n Seal by Ranger. This product goes on white/semi-clear and dries crystal clear. It comes in either matte or gloss (I used matte). Once dry, it becomes waterproof. I know it is hard to believe, but I did a birdhouse some time ago and coated it in Glue ‘n Seal. It has been sitting outside in the weather ever since and although some of the papers have faded, there is absolutely no deterioration from water. It is amazing.

So, I coated these papers in Glue ‘n Seal, too, since there is no way to continually fill and pour from a pop bottle without dripping a bit of water. Thank you, Ranger, for another great project!


Our rabbits are not located near a water source. So, we fill up a container in the kitchen sink, take it out back and then fill each of the bunny’s water bowls.

My husband decided a 2-liter bottle works best (and he’s right). The cap prevents any spillage along the way and it holds more than enough water to wash out and refill the bowls.

But, looking at an empty pop container in my kitchen was not an option, so I altered it …

I used the Summer Fresh line from Simple Stories. It has that country feel that matches perfectly in my kitchen. (click on the photos for a larger view).

I removed the label off the pop bottle and wrapped it in the navy floral print. Since the circumference of the bottle is longer than 12″, it left a gap on the back side. I created a tag out of another sheet of paper and attached it so it looks like this …

Then I added a bunny I cut out with my Cricut and a variety of stickers to complete the look.

The word water was printed off of my Cricut using my Gyspy. The letters that make “bunny” are just some left over sticker letters from long ago.

I love how it turned out and I think I might be making another … though probably not for the bunnies. I think this is a great idea to create custom labels so the bottles of soda match the decor at your next party.

My Happy Place

The Summer Fresh line by Simple Stories arrived in the scrapbook store Thursday evening and I fell head-over-heels in love with it.

It is a beautiful line of denim, red, blue and yellow, filled with flowers, jars, a clothesline and other “simple” summer findings. It reminds me of grandmother’s quilt.

I bought enough to do several pages, but here is my first … (I must apologize for the less-than-stellar photography … I made the pages during a crop and wanted to hang them in the store, so I took pictures there rather than in my studio at home. NOT something I will ever do again, but hopefully you get the idea …)

I love the variety and detail put into this paper collection. One sticker sheet (only $4.99) has plenty of options. I used foam adhesive and baby powder (to eliminate the sticky) on the hot-air balloon and wagon.

I layered the title (cut from a piece of paper) and inked the edges in Distress Ink.

Then, I added a few Bazzill flowers from several different collections to round out the pages.

Personally, I was amazed at some of the details in the line. For instance, the little tickets I used as journaling squares are actually part of a 12-inch border sticker. I planned to cut them apart to use them as I did. Imagine my surprise when I realized the stickers are perforated! I tore them apart instead, but I have all sorts of ideas running through my head of how they can be used.

So, I am off to make more beautiful pages using this new line. Thanks, Simple Stories!