Michigan Sugar

I admit to being quite fond of industrial brick buildings. I love the coloring the brick takes on with years of coal dust, dirt and grime. I love that detail that was placed in the buildings, the leaded glass windows and the general feel of the building. Some windows have arches. Others have scallops. There are insets and columns and ledges and wow … you just don’t see this detail in modern architecture.

This building, built in 1902, has been in continuous operation since it’s construction. While it is cluttered with sheds, utility poles, fences and other eyesores necessary to get the job done, you can look through the mess to see the original building standing tall in all of its elegance.

I love the windows that prop open on the middle floors of the building.

And, if you enjoy Pioneer or Big Chief sugar, it just might be made right here in Sebewaing, Michigan, from locally grown sugarbeets.