Non-Stick Craft Sheet vs. Best Ever Craft Mat

craft mat review by Candy Spiegel

I love, love, love my Non-Stick Craft Sheet from Ranger. It is one of the tools I encourage paper crafters to buy as soon as they are able.

But then, Ken Oliver came out with the Best Ever Craft Mat and I was confused … what is different about the two mats? Do I need them both?

So, I bought the Best Ever Craft Mat and tested it to see if it was better. I’ll be honest. I do not like it better. I like it differently. Much like a mother with two children, I cannot pick which one is the best. So, I decided to do a compare/contrast on them so you can decide which is best for you or if you, like me, need both …

craft mat review by Candy Spiegel3NON-STICK CRAFT SHEET by Ranger

  • 15″x18″
  • Slick surface so nothing sticks
  • Heat resistant so it protects your table when embossing and can be used to bake shrink plastic or clay
  • Can use as a palette to mix paints, inks, etc.
  • PROS: When paint or glue dries on the mat, it is easy to scrape off. Mat is thin and easy to roll for storage. Can easily be cut with scissors to make smaller mats for little projects. Ink, wet glue and wet paint easily wipe off. Slick surface provides the perfect platform for Distress Inks — allowing you to get a smooth, even color on your project.
  • CONS: Folding will damage the mat. Mat can wrinkle or fold while cleaning it. Projects slide around. Mat curls on edges. If used a lot, this mat will wear out … I am on my fourth.


  • 16.5″x15″
  • Non stick and non skid
  • Heat resistant so it protects your table when embossing and can be used to bake shrink plastic or clay
  • Can use as a palette to mix paints, inks, etc.
  • PROS: Projects do not move, which is ideal when working with stencils or a heat gun. Mat does not wrinkle. Mat lays flat. Provides a thin cushion when stamping. Easy to carry to the sink for cleaning.
  • CONS: There is a bit of a texture that seems to pull paper towels during cleaning — no issues when using a rag. Scraping things off of the mat is not as easy. Mat “collects” lint, fuzz and pet hair (but wipes off easily with a baby wipe or wet towel). More difficult to roll and put back in box because it is thick and wants to lay flat.

My personal decision … I like using the Ranger mat for paint, inks, sprays and messy adhesive. For me, it is easier to clean on my desk. I like being able to start inking on the mat and slide right over onto my project. And I love that it easily cuts with scissors to make smaller mats for quick, little projects. (In all fairness, I did not attempt to cut my Ken Oliver Crafts mat, so I do not know if it can be cut or not).

However, I love to use the Ken Oliver Crafts mat for embossing and stamping. I like the grip on my projects. Things really do not move around and that makes it easier to get everything straight!

IMG_1450I, inadvertently, found the Best Ever Craft Mat is also wonderful when working with small, layering dies. The dies stay where you put them and the mat holds your project in place while adhering. It works so well at keeping all of those small parts in place, I will not work with tiny dies without my mat — no more losing an eye or chicken leg!

So, I will continue to use both mats.

If you can only have one, I would ask you what type of crafter you are … if you use a lot of Distress Ink, I would go for the Ranger mat. If you are more into die cuts and only ink edges, I would probably recommend the Ken Oliver Crafts mat. If you are an all-around crafter like me, you NEED both!

FINE PRINT: This is my own opinion … I was not paid (in product or money), nor asked by Ranger or Ken Oliver Crafts to create this post.