Where in the World Are We?

When I moved over the border (from one county to another) I noticed more than a little change.

For one thing, it is closer for me to go to a different metropolitan area than to backtrack to where I used to live.

But the people here also refer to things differently.

When I asked where something was in Livingston County, the first response was the city or township and then the name of the road. But here in Genesee County, people give you the nearest major intersection.  I am learning to say that I live at Seymour and Silver Lake. If I forget and refer to my home as Argentine Township, the person I am speaking to gets that cloudy look in their eyes and then asks me where the heck that is.

My main problem is that I often have that cloudy look in my eyes since when I ask where something is and get an answer, it makes absolutely no sense to me. I know that if I spend some time studying a map, I will quickly learn where the roads go and where the intersections are and will lose some of that cloudiness.

My father-in-law found me a map, but it was too big to hang behind any door and the only wall in my house with enough space is in my living room and I really didn’t want a map hanging there. Needless to say, the map has been shelved for several months.

Then, I had a brilliant idea. I remembered that I had a package of Poster Glue Dots and I figured if I cut the map into pieces, I could hang it on the closet door, and … tada:

I hung it in my husband’s office … out of the way, but easily accessible.

I cut the map at the folds in the closet door so it will open just fine. And, I took off the handle and then reattached it after I mounted the map.

While I was at it I added a state map to the back of the door …

(I used tape for that one since I ran out of Poster Glue Dots).

Now I shall always know where I am!