It’s New: Pavilio Tape


Pavilio Lace Tape is an exciting new product imported from Japan.

Well, it’s not entirely new … it’s more like a new twist on an old product. It is similar to washi tape, but has been laser cut to make an intricate lace, floral or geometric design. The tape is thicker than washi tape — closer to the weight of quality cardstock — and is not transparent. But, like washi tape, it is easily removable and therefore, not permanent.

The floral designs on the card above are one of the patterns.

card_by_Candy_Spiegel4On this one, I covered the entire card with strips of the tape. I love how the pattern matched up!

It seems to stick a little stronger than most washi tapes, but it can still easily be pulled up without damaging the paper. If I were using it on a piece of home decor, a mini album, fabric or canvas, I would probably add a bit of Designer Dries Clear Adhesive to the ends to make sure it doesn’t come up. I put it on these cards two weeks ago, and it hasn’t lifted at all, but one never knows …


On this card, I placed the white lace tape one a white card and then used Distress Markers to color in the pattern. The white that you see around the flowers is actually the tape. I colored into the negative space, directly on the cardstock under the tape. And then added some black rhinestones and pearls to jazz it up a bit.

I have lots of plans for the white tape … you can ink it or airbrush it and then use the colored tape on one project and the design left behind on another! Look for more examples this summer.

My only complaint about the tape is that it is expensive. The smallest rolls are $5.22 and the prices go up to $20, I believe. I paid $13.22 for the white lace above. The floral and geometric patterns I purchased were $6.72 and $6.22 respectively. And, I bought a few additional rolls, so expect to see those in projects shortly.

Pavilio Lace Tape is just coming to America … I Googled it and found it on Amazon and Etsy, shipping directly from Japan.

There is a traveling store, BayView Scrappers, in Traverse City, MI who sells it (it’s where I bought mine). BayView Scrappers does not have the tape on their website yet, but I did find some of the patterns in their Etsy store. You can also contact them via phone or e-mail and I am sure they will be happy to help and ship it right to you. Please tell them Candy sent you! Small business owners need all of the support they can get — especially in Michigan — these days.

So, my overall review of this product … if you love, and use, washi tape, ribbons or border stickers to dress up your projects, this is worth the money. The elegance it adds to a project is unlike other products we have available to us. And the quality does justify the price. Although I still wish we could import it cheaper!