Mushrooms Galore

It’s been a strange summer here in Michigan. We’ve gone weeks without rain and then we get 2-3 inches in a single day, followed by another dry week or two. It’s a bit challenging to keep my pots watered and my tomatoes growing, but I’m told the hot, dry summer will lead to an incredible showing of fall colors. ((fingers crossed))

Anyhow, we’ve discovered some unusual mushrooms around the yard. Mushrooms are nothing new around here … we have at least a handful of different kinds on any given year in the grass alone. But these two were particularly unique (at least to me).

This one is about 10-inches across — about the size of a small dinner plate. I am told it’s edible, but my father-in-law is keeping this one safe, hoping it will lead to additional mushrooms in the future.

It’s amazing when you get closer and notice all of the details. It really isn’t just a large, white mushroom.

I found this one growing the steps on the west side of the house. I fell in love with the texture of it. I attempted to identify it, but there are so many varieties, my ADD kicked in before I could be sure what it is.

I didn’t even touch it, since my father-in-law told me there are some growing around here that are lethal if you touch them and then touch your eyes. It’s allergy season for me, so I’m always touching my eyes.

But, it is the most beautiful mushroom I have ever seen.