Heartfelt Frogs


I am finally getting back to normal. I am 99% healed from surgery, the garden is mostly planted and I am finally sitting down to blog some of the projects I have been making. I guess you could say things are finally hopping along (I couldn’t resist).

So let’s get sharing … Mother’s Day weekend is always special around here. The Great Lakes Mega Meet comes to town and my cousins come up from Cleveland for the event. It is always fun with plenty of catching up, shopping, eating, classes and new techniques. But for me it is extra special since I can talk to them about anything — even those personal girl issues that you cannot share with just anyone. They were raised where no topic is taboo and I love the opportunity to talk frankly with them. Since we were not close growing up, I find it interesting how much we have in common and think and act alike. It’s like a scientific study in nature vs. nurture.

Anyhow, back to crafting … my cousins are both huge fans of Heartfelt Creations. I have always thought the stuff was pretty, but had never purchased any of it.

Heartfelt Creations offered a class on flower shaping at Mega Meet and since that is an area I am weak in, I talked my cousins into taking the class with me. I learned quite a bit in the class … mostly that the tools I was using were too small and that is why I was not getting the results I wanted.

After class we headed over to the Heartfelt Creations booth so we could purchase the stamps and dies to make the flowers at home. I also wanted to look for the adorable Winking Frog paper collection. I had seen the collection online and fell in love with it. But, since frogs aren’t “my thing,” I opted out of buying the dies and stamps — I just do not think I would use them enough. The paper, on the other hand, I knew I could fussy cut and layer and make adorable creations. And, since it was Mother’s Day and my mother-in-law loves frogs, I already had one project in mind — a card for her!

And, yes, this is the thought process that goes into nearly every purchase I make. My studio space, and budget, are small and I do not believe in “collecting” crafting items. So, unless I have a specific use in mind, or need it for a new technique, it does not get purchased. This saves me money right away and saves me from buying storage containers to hold never used products.