Blankets for Christmas


Working at Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts, I have found myself unable to resist the beautiful fleeces the store sells. And, since I have lost 80 pounds, my internal temperature has been thrown off and I often find myself cold — especially if I sit and work on the computer, read or watch TV.

So, I took advantage of buying some fleece on Black Friday and prepared to make myself a blanket.

I found this blog post for the directions …

The plaid is the Luxe fleece … the deer is Blizzard fleece. Both are soft, but the Luxe is amazingly soft!

Since I gave Matt a new sewing machine for Christmas, I let him actually sew my blanket for me. He did a beautiful job and it is amazing! I absolutely love it. It is so warm and cozy and has just the right weight. And, it looks great in my living room.


I figure everyone should have one, so I’ve been keeping him busy making blankets for gifts! They are still homemade and designed by me, so that still counts, right?!