Playing with Birds

I spend a lot of time looking out the windows.

My desk/table sits in front of two huge picture windows. I’ve placed bird feeders in front of each, partly to feed the birds, but mostly to entertain myself by watching creatures visit. My cats and I spend much of our day in front of these windows watching birds, squirrels, bunnies and even ducks while reading, drinking coffee or playing online.

Today, I was lucky enough to see Mrs. Hummingbird. I’ve seen her before, but never long enough to get my camera and never while resting. I’m told because hummingbird legs are weak, they don’t often perch, walk or stand. Flying is actually more comfortable for them, so they rarely rest.

Mrs. Hummingbird has her own feeder, but she doesn’t like it. Instead, she insists on fighting with the bees for the remaining jelly in the oriole feeder.┬áNo one, apparently informed her that she isn’t supposed to perch, because I’ve watched her perch and eat grape jelly three times today. The bees finally decided she wasn’t a threat and let her perch as long as she wanted.

Unfortunately, a quick rain storm covered the windows in raindrops, so I couldn’t photograph her on her second and third visits. And, the first visit’s photos aren’t the best because the window was open so I was actually taking these through two windows. But until Matt builds me a bird blind, it’s the best I can do.