Crazy for Coloring

Each time I teach a Copic class, I remind students that coloring is good for the body and soul. Some liken the benefits of coloring to those of mediation. And studies have shown that coloring helps you to relax and reduce stress.

I am certainly no expert, but I can spot a trend when it hits and last summer, adult coloring books hit it BIG! The trend, which is expected to continue at least through 2016, has been so large, Crayola just jumped on the bandwagon with a set of pencils and coloring books aimed specifically at adults.

In addition to the calming effects, coloring also gives you an opportunity to be an artist without really thinking about it. You simply grab a pencil or marker and color in the lines, slowly creating beautiful artwork without having to draw or paint a thing. It is the perfect thing to do while watching television or relaxing just before bed. And, it is a fun craft to take to a crop or other social event where you have something to do, but your mind is still free to chat with your friends.

Personally, I have wanted to see how the books work with Copic markers — my coloring medium of choice. So, I bought this one:

Woodland Critters Coloring Book

I have been a fan of Sue Coccia’s artwork for years. You may have seen her work at Great Lakes Mega Meet or another stamping event under the name Earth Art International. I have always loved the stamps, but could never color quite that small. As it turns out, Coccia has been making coloring books for 20 years (I missed that somehow).

Anyhow, out of the thousands of books available, I chose this one because the designs are only printed on one side of the paper and it has a spiral binding which allows the book to lay completely flat while working.

Surprisingly it took less than 2 hours to finish my first page …


I know … I still have trouble staying inside the lines … but it was fun.

I put a few sheets of computer paper under my page while coloring so the Copic markers wouldn’t hurt the pages below. The marker did go through the paper, but not enough to make a single mark on the scrap paper.

I’m not sure how other coloring books stack up, but Copics get along well with Sue Coccia …

If you would like to try one of her books, click the link above or stop by Scrappy Chic in Livonia. Happy coloring!