Welcome to my Studio

I live in a small house originally built as a lake cottage — without a basement, attic or garage. At about 800 square feet, it is the perfect size for two people who enjoy spending time outside of their home shopping, dining out, traveling and doing all of the other things “city folk” enjoy. In fact, we were the first people to ever put a washer and dryer in our house — despite the fact that there was not appropriate space for them. (My husband has to literally climb over the washer to put salt in the water softener.)

But the larger problem is my husband and I are “country folk” who enjoy cooking, growing and preserving our own food. Both of us are avid readers and photographers who are addicted to computers, televisions and other gadgets. We like to go camping, my husband loves fishing and hunting, and I am a bit crafty. It seems every one of our “hobbies” comes with stuff — tents, tripods, folding tables, paper, air mattresses, cords and chargers, huge canning pots, boots, gun cases, scrapbook albums, tackle boxes, coats for every temperature and weather condition, freezers, his-and-hers computers, books, sewing machines, cases and cases of glass jars, drawers full of items to alter, stamps, the list goes on and on … Right now I am feeling more than a little claustrophobic as every horizontal surface, cabinet and closet is filled to the brim.


This is the second bedroom of my house. It is also home to scrapbook albums, kitty toys, a freezer, Matt’s computer, fishing poles, books, hunting gear, canned goods, and medicines and first-aid supplies for both us and our chickens. All of the totes, display pieces, boxes and ribbons are part of my traveling store. They have nowhere else to go … in fact, I normally have a folding table in here, as well, but it was in the middle of my living room when I took this picture.

Despite the size of my house, I have to have plenty of room for crafting. So I took over a portion of the living room.


Granted, it is at the front door, so anyone who enters my house, sees my mess, but the lighting is great, I can craft while my husband watches television and I have plenty of space.

I wanted to share my space to show how even those of us who live in small spaces, with no dedicated rooms can store their supplies.

I keep a lot of things in decorative containers right out in the open …



012And in drawers … 014



and I use every little bit of space, including the sides of my desk. (My Cricut and quilting mats hang on the other side of the desk)018Inside my cabinets are paper, thin dies, Xyron machines and cardstock.


On the other side of my living room are matching cabinets that hold books and pictures and decorative items, but also hold my printer and jars of ribbon, wire, straws, paints and other crafting items.


The cabinets below hold printer paper, ink and labels, alcohol inks, rubber stamps, canvases and a few boxes of photos and memorabilia waiting to be scrapbooked.005


I keep rarely used items, like specialty adhesives, mists, Copic refills, and other items in the closet in the hallway. My Cricut lives in my bedroom closet. Class supplies go in that overstuffed room. And, I have a dresser drawer devoted to jars, buckets, frames, bottles and other items ready to be altered. But most items are kept in the living room where they are easy to grab when I need them!

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my studio. And I hope it inspires you to find a corner where you can work in your house!


My Studio

My husband and I recently moved from a 3-bedroom, 1800-square-foot home to a 2-bedroom, 800-square-foot home. To say we downsized, would be an extreme understatement and finding places to put everything has been a challenge.

Many friends have asked me about my crafting space. Well, I can say, where there is a will, there is a way.

My space is important to me and I’ve managed to carve out some in each home we have lived in. But, with this move, it was a priority. Space for my studio was carved out first and we fit the rest of the furniture around it. Fortunately, we found enough space that my husband was able to get his couch, too!

Anyhow, I wanted to show you how a small area can still offer everything you need for crafting — with a little imagination. (click on the photos for a larger picture)

I couldn’t resist these beautiful windows, so I set up my space in the living room of the house — right next to the front door.

Since it is the first thing people see when they come in, I wanted it to look as neat as possible. I find that I keep it cleaner than I used to — just in case. Of course, old habits are hard to break, so I still have a pile of paper and embellishments (I hid it for this photo), but I’m doing better …

The cabinets are from IKEA. They are modular and you add whichever features you want — like doors, shelves, drawers, etc. So far, they seem to be working well. The counter space on top allows me space to set die cut machines, my computer or stamp sets while I’m working. And the cats love to look out the windows, too. I keep my ribbon, in a variety of jars, on top, along with my Cricut, QuicKutz dies (in the little pink tins) and two Pampered Chef utensil holders that now hold my Copic markers, paint brushes, files, piercing tool, knives and other tools.

The open shelves hold die cuts, fibers, stamps, embellishments and more.

The doors hide paper, paint, beads, more stamps, Xyron machines and other products that don’t look so pretty out in the open.

This drawer holds my wood-mounted stamps and the other holds miscellaneous items, like embossing powder, Coluzzle templates, Flower Soft and other stuff.

The little pink box holds most of my Stickles (15 bottles) — upside down. I bought it at Staples for a few dollars. It’s a great space saver.

On the edge of my desk (facing the IKEA cabinets), my husband glued a metal sheet to hold my magnetic containers of flowers. I also put up a couple of 3M hooks to hold templates, my heat gun, air compressor handle and other items.

My desk looks over flowerbeds, bird & squirrel feeders, and a wooded area. I can also watch my niece and nephew jump on the trampoline or play football.

I keep my laptop, ATG and paper trimmer on the shelf underneath. I keep my ink pads, chipboard letters and large paper trimmer on top. Additional supplies are stored in the little cubbies built into the back of the desk.

I have carts underneath that hold papers and embellishments, punches, photos, tools, ribbon and more.

I made this using a kit from KaiserCraft and Tim Holtz papers, ink, paint and embellishments. The drawers hold all sorts of little things I have nowhere else to put and I keep rulers, adhesives, spritzes and other bottles in it as well.

My studio has very little wall space, but I had a few little shelves that I had collected over the years that I still wanted to use, so they all hang in the corner. The corner shelf holds CTMH and Stampin’ Up stamp sets, a few of my favorite wooden stamps and jars of buttons, flowers, brads and more.

The checkerboard shelf I bought at Joann’s for a few dollars in the clearance section. It was red and white. I covered the red in K&Company paper and removed the three bottom drawers. It holds extra blades, ink applicators and other tiny things. The tin at the bottom holds my gems.

And, finally, this little shelf is another KaiserCraft Creation. I covered it with K&Company paper, Studio 490 stamps, Prima flowers and Tim Holtz embellishments. I keep the rest of my tiny bottles of things on it.

So that’s my room … I still need one more IKEA cabinet for the other side of my desk, but everything else is at my fingertips and ready to go!