Trying New Things


My cousin and I have an awful habit. We go on a major shopping spree during the Great Lakes Mega Meet and then come home and neglect to use what we bought.

This year, she gave me two weeks to use what I bought. I’m not sure this made it under the deadline, but I created this card in response to her challenge.

The picket fence stencil, the Crackle Texture Paste, the bird stamps and the bird Mat Minis are all from Wendy Vecchi Studio 490. I love how the stamps match the Mat Minis … it makes it so easy to create dimensional objects.

The Crackle Texture Paste is really cool … in order to get the best crackle, you need to use it over a metallic embossing paste (embossing paste and texture paste are interchangeable words … when I refer to it, I use the term on that particular jar.) I had copper at home, so that’s what I tried this on.

I applied copper embossing paste through the stencil. Let it dry. Then relined up the stencil and applied a thick layer of Crackle Texture Paste and let it dry … the thicker the paste, the thicker the cracks.

I love this look, so expect to see it on a lot of my creations in the future!

What about you … do you make it a point to use new products right away or do you just use them to build your “collection”?