Fairy Dust

In my “real” life, I’ve been working on a few stories about fairies … one on Fairy Doors appearing in Ann Arbor, and now downtown Howell, and one on creating a fairy garden.

Needless to say, I have fairies on the mind.

So, when the tiny Corked Vials from Tim Holtz/Ideaology arrived, I naturally thought of making Fairy Dust.

This project couldn’t be easier … I simply opened the bottle and filled it with glitter from Art Glitter.

The largest jar is filled with Carrot Elements. The middle jar is filled with Cooper Coin Slices Dazzlers. The tall jar in the back is filled with Ultrafine Glitter. And, the one on the right is filled with the leftovers from the other three jars.

I found two poems online to go with the jars.

At first, I planned to attach them to the jars, but I didn’t like the size ratio, so I’ve decided to just give them with the jars …

Here are the two poems I found. The first is copyright free and I modified it a bit.

Within this little bottle
Placed with loving care,
Is special fairy dust
A fairy placed it there.
It is to share with special friends
When they are feeling blue,
To lift their heart and share a smile
As special friends should do.

This one I tried to find the author for permission, but was unable to do so. I hope she doesn’t mind. It’s a beautiful poem!

Fairy Dust Invitation

If you have a special garden,

Where flowers and herbs abound

Then take a pinch of fairy dust,

And sprinkle it around.

The fairies will take notice,

And at the end of the day

They’ll tiptoe out upon the grass,

And dance the night away.

By Carla J. Nelson