A New Tip from Me to You

I love it when I discover a new tip or technique all on my own.
Granted, they may not actually be new tips (I’m sure someone out there has already discovered them), but like Christopher Columbus discovering the New World, if you haven’t heard of them before, you can claim them as your very own discovery! lol
Anyone who has taken a glitter class with me knows my love of coffee filters when working with glitter and embossing powders. The static-free filters collect all of the excess and make it easy to pour back into the jar.
Yesterday, I needed to spray some flowers with Color Wash and Perfect Pearls Mists by Ranger. Color Wash makes a huge mess … the ink goes everywhere and it is very permanent. I used to have a box that I used for spraying, but it got lost during the move.
Since I had been working with glitter earlier, my coffee filters were still out on my desk (I am a very messy scrapbooker).
I thought they may help contain the ink, so I grabbed one, set it on my Nonstick Craft Sheet, put the flowers inside and sprayed.
I was pleased at how well the filter caught the overspray. But then when I picked it up, I was even more amazed. It actually held onto all of the color!
I still wouldn’t recommend using them without placing them on the craft sheet — Color Wash is very permanent — trust me on this one. But, I just found a quick and easy way to contain the ink without having to store a huge box in my studio!