From Boring to Beautiful

From Boring to Beautiful

dragonfly spiegle 5On a recent trip to my local Goodwill store, I found these little dragonfly candle holders.

014They were cute, but rather boring. They had a distressed, shiny whitewash finish. I knew I could do better, so I grabbed a few, pulled out the newest enamel powder color from Globecraft & Piccolo, Turquoise Lagoon, and went to work.

I used the Enamel Powder Adhesive to coat a small area, then poured on the enamel powder and heated. I had to work in sections and let it cool here and there so I didn’t burn my fingers. Metal gets hot!

dragonfly spiegel

There were some sections the dabber top wouldn’t reach. So, I popped off the top and used a paint brush to fill in the tiny areas.

dragonfly spiegel 2

When it was all finished, I thought it could use a little more bling, so I used Matte Glastique to add some Pure Silver Sparkle to the wings.

dragonfly spiegel 4

Once dry, I coated the entire piece in Glossy Glastique. This added a little shine and a lot of durability.

Here is a close up of the wings …

dragonfly spiegel 6From boring to beautiful in a just a few easy steps …

dragonfly spiegle 5

I used Globecraft & Piccolo products to cover another candle holder at home, too. See what I did to this one on the Globecraft Blog today …068