Mosaic Panoramic

mosaic strips

One of my favorite techniques using Mosaic Moments is the ability to turn multiple photos into one “panoramic” photo. It’s easy to do, just by cutting strips.

It’s a technique that is perfect for landscapes, sunsets and downtowns. But it also great for photos of people when they are far from you like at the beach, in the pool or on the football or baseball field.

I created a video to show you easy this technique is. Click here to watch it!


Mosaic Monday: Travel


It’s Mosaic Monday! Each Monday I bring you inspiration using the Mosaic Moments system to create fabulous scrapbook pages.

This is one of the pages I created following our recent trip to the Upper Peninsula. Had this not been part of it’s very own book with tons of layouts, I would have journaled on the blue rectangles. However, since this is my fourth layout about this lighthouse, I left it blank and let the photos speak for themselves.

I used a postcard I purchased as one of the photos, matting it just like I did the other large photos. I used scraps to fill in the small squares.

mosaic books

This was probably my favorite evening on our trip — we took shelter from the wind and rain (we were camping in a tent) in a bookstore/coffee house/restaurant. It was quaint and fun and I realized how “old” I have gotten. The 20-year-old me would have thought this stupid and rolled my eyes, but I enjoyed listening to some older folks sing and play instruments and another group play board games. Oh, and the coffee was amazing! We may have been the only two people who didn’t work there who do not qualify for the senior citizen discount, but I felt right at home.

On this page, I turned 1-inch squares to a diamond position to journal on — just something a little different.

When traveling, be sure to take photos of things like rocks, the shoreline, the horizon, leaves or even coffee cups … these become perfect accents for your page when cut into 1-inch squares.

Mosaic Monday

Mosaic mattIt’s Monday, so I thought I would make it a Mosaic Monday and share a few pages I have created recently using the Mosaic Moments system.

If you are unfamiliar with the system, it is based on a 1-inch grid. Each page uses special grid paper as its base. There is only one rule — you must cover all of the grid lines. Other than that, you can do anything you like!

In the page above, I cut up images out of paper and added all sorts of metal bits, gears and brads to make it manly … I call it my 40-pound page because it weighs so much! Notice how I covered each of the grid lines with either cardstock or photos and then added my decor on top of that.

mosaic chesaning

This is a two-page spread using the Mosaic Moments system. I overlapped a few photos and used patterned paper to fill in a bit.


These are my meat chickens — the ones we raise for food. Yes, I know, you are horrified. I used the journaling block to explain why I do this. Because I had a lot to say, I typed it on the computer and then cut the paper to fit the grid. I also matted a photo and cut up parts of the paper to create the title.

Look for more inspiration and tips next Monday!

On the Road

Mosaic_Moments_by_Candy_Spiegel2My husband and I love to travel and explore new towns and places around the state of Michigan. Since I have to take photos of everything I see, I end up with a lot of pictures of towns, parks and roads. And I am always looking for new ways to design and embellish those pages.

So, when Mosaic Moments came out with the Highway Signs Die, I bought it right away. I knew it would be perfect for my photos of Marshall, MI, which showcased a historic highway. I used Terra Cotta Grid Paper and Page Pattern #302. Combined with cardstock, twine and buttons from Stampin’ Up, the page came together beautifully.

I created a video to show how to work with the new die … click here to watch.

DISCLOSURE: I am paid to make videos for Mosaic Moments, but I do buy the products to make the videos with.

Creating a Banner Tile


We finally bought a new car (in September) and I finally sat down and scrapbooked the event using the Mosaic Moments system. I love my new car. It has so many safety features and is designed for today’s lifestyle. The windshield wipers are set up differently and actually clear more than the driver’s side of the windshield. There are places to hold cell phones. It has a backup camera and hands-free talking on my phone. And the mirrors and seats can easily be adjusted so short people, like me, can actually see to drive! Plus, it is an amazing color … Deep Espresso Metallic.

I used the Border Dies to create layered titles on the page.

See how easy it is in this video …

DIY Film Strips


Filmstrips, vintage cameras and anything related to photography are all the rage in crafting these days. And, it is a trend I love. So, I was thrilled when Mosaic Moments brought out this Filmstrip Die. One die cuts out the film strip and whatever paper or photos you wish to put inside the strip.

I created this page after taking my new camera to Chesaning and photographing the city at night. They do amazing holiday window displays! Sort of like a mini Macy’s. The embellishments and accent papers are from Close to My Heart.

I created a video to show you how easy it is to use this new die … click here to watch it.

This post is sponsored by Mosaic Moments.

Did You Think It?

Think It candy Spiegel

I love animals — especially my animals.

When you watch them enough, you can imagine what is going on in their little heads. (Don’t judge … you do the same thing with babies!)

On this page, I gave words to what they were thinking using the new Think It die from Mosaic Moments.

Check out how easy it is …

(Note: I did receive compensation for making this video.)

A Little Wood Here and There

One of the hot trends in scrapbooking is wood … I recently wrote an article for Michigan Scrapbooker Magazine and wanted to share some of the pages and additional techniques that I did.

To read about the wood techniques, and get the supply lists, click here and then visit page 7 of the magazine.

To read about a few other ideas for scrapbooking, read on!


I LOVE how this page turned out … I photographed the menu and used it as the title. I created a table setting for my journaling block.


This was just an iPhone snap shot of my cousin, but I loved the emotion in her face, so I had to scrap it. I used a few strips of coordinating paper and a strip of ribbon to accent the photo and title.


This one is completed on Mosaic Moments Grid Paper. I love how the grid keeps everything straight and organized, even though I did not cut any photos into 1″ pieces.

Be sure to visit Michigan Scrapbooker Magazine’s fall issue for more inspiration!


Quilt in your Scrapbook!

I love quilts. It is the one thing I wish I had inherited from my family. Unfortunately, since they were made from pieces of worn-out clothing (making them that much more important to me) and thrown together just to keep people warm at night, rather than in an attractive pattern, they were not considered valuable and were not kept. As soon as the family could afford it, they bought bedspreads and comforters and threw out the quilts.

But, my love for quilting has continued on and although I am just learning to sew with fabric, I am pretty good at pasting paper — especially when I have a great die to use!

Mosaic Moments recently released a die that cuts 12 corner dies that perfectly fit the grid paper.

I created this page using the die, following a quilt pattern I got off of Pinterest.mm_chevron by Candy Spiegel

And, I made a video to show you how I did it! Click here to see how easy it is.