From Trash to Treasure


This is the project that brought me out of a period of extreme uncreativity. After days of frustrating failed attempts at creating art, depression was setting in and my husband suggested I ignore all deadlines and create something just for me. I remembered this old birdcage my nephew found in the trash for me and got to work cleaning it up. This is how it looked after a bath.IMGP2156

I added a few strips of May Arts ribbon and some vintage buttons around the base.



I used fake flowers and some blingy garland from the Michael’s and Hobby Lobby … cutting them up to fit where I needed them to go. I broke down and bought a hot glue gun (I despise them) to save time. It actually worked out okay … I only burned one finger and I managed to keep the stringy glue under control.

birdcage_Candy_Spiegel3I also found some colored burlap flowers at Pier One. They were meant to be used as confetti on the table, but I added vintage buttons and adhered them to my project.


I added a little bird’s nest and eggs to the inside, along with some additional flowers.


I love how it turned out … it adds a bit of spring to my living room. I also found myself reaching for these same colors again and again … must be my new favorites … and have scattered them around my living room and kitchen. It is so pretty!birdcage_Candy_Spiegel4


Thanks to Jakob for knowing I would love this birdcage and bringing it home for me. And to Matt for reminding me that sometimes we have to do something for ourselves!


5 thoughts on “From Trash to Treasure

  1. I love this! I saw it in person, and it’s so beautiful! Wish I had a birdcage. I would definitely try it!

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