Paper Tile Storage

Paper Tiles are pieces of cardstock perfectly cut to fit Mosaic Moments pages.

008They come in a package with 4 8.5×11 sheets of tiles that you just punch apart. They are quick and easy to use and I love them.

ptgrapefruitbliss_thumbnailThe problem comes when you try to put a partial sheet back into the package. Sometimes it works, but most of the time the border sticks and tiles crinkle and it turns into a huge mess.

Since I use Paper Tiles when I teach Mosaic Moments classes, my issue with them seems even bigger. But I have finally created a system that stores them, makes them easy to grab and is user friendly. (I’ve tested it and it works well!)


I punched out all of my Paper Tiles and placed them in storage bags (I used freezer bags since they are stronger). I wrote the color on the bag, so I can remember them (this is vital when you post things on a blog!)

011Then I used my Crop-A-Dile to punch holes in each corner of the bag.


And attached it with a binder ring.

It now hangs on the side of my desk so I can grab them when I need to use them or when I am off to a class!


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