Amazing Mosaics

I have been teaching Mosaic Moments classes for a few months. It is a challenging class to teach, since I cannot find a “beginning” or starting place. But I love it when the light clicks on and the students start making the pages their own.

I am always amazed with the ideas that students bring with them when they come to take a class.

One of my recent students, Tracy Corncchia, brought some patterned paper with her. She had an idea to make a road. I helped her bring her vision to life, but the idea was all her. As she worked, she decided to add additional patterned paper and even handmade some road signs. Her creation took a bit longer than the class allowed, but she sent me a photo of the finished page and agreed to let me share it because it is AMAZING!

tracycorncchia (2)Don’t you love the little boy driving down the road? By cutting both the paper and the photo into 1″ squares, the two merge together.

Amazing job, Tracy! Thank you for sharing!


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