Linnie Blooms Canvas Journal

Today is my second time as a guest designer for Linnie Blooms.

This time, I created a mixed-media canvas book.

mixed media book_Candy Spiegel


Here’s a peek at some of the inside pages …

mixed media book_Candy Spiegel8


mixed media book_Candy Spiegel9 mixed media book_Candy Spiegel10 mixed media book_Candy Spiegel11To find out how I created this book, visit Linnie Blooms’ Blog!


4 thoughts on “Linnie Blooms Canvas Journal

  1. I love this Linnie Blooms mini book so much! I have saved it in my email and look at it almost every day!

    On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 2:01 AM, candy scraps

  2. This turned out so beautiful! All you needed was to tie that purple in the inside! YES, YES, YES! Are you going to turn this into a class? I would LOVE to make it!

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