A reclaimed table

199This post is a little off topic, but I wanted to show you the amazing table my husband made from reclaimed wood. He made it so I would have a place to set up my photo studio and keep my retail store products until they are sold.

Matt has a friend who is turning an old farmhouse into his dream home. During the process, he had quite a bit of beautiful lumber that was no longer needed. The house was built with tight-ringed wood that actually measured 2×4. You can see from the photo above how the saw blade skipped along and created its own pattern.

201Here, you can see the oxidation process that occurred where the lath boards were nailed on. I love the rustic feel.

204This is Matt showing off his beautiful creation. He added legs from IKEA.

Total cost of this masterpiece was less than $20!!

Thanks for letting me show off this table!




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