Run, Korie, Run

084My daughter recently ran the Color Vibe 5K in Flint.

Personally, I do not understand the whole color thing, but it was enough to motivate her to run farther than she ever had before. I was so proud of her accomplishment that I created this page to commemorate her victory.

mm18_candy_spiegelI used a basket-weave technique, which was new to me, and Copic airbrushing, which isn’t so new to me.

If you would like to see how I did made this page, as well as a little bit more about her success and the run, click here and cheer me on.



2 thoughts on “Run, Korie, Run

  1. I love this, Candy. It was such a great accomplishment for your daughter, and I think you show-cased it beautifully on this page. I would really like to learn that basket weave technique!

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