Inspired by Audubon

The challenge for the Mosaic Moments Design Team was to pick an artist and then use that person’s art as an inspiration for a mosaic page.

I chose Audubon and this is my design …



Click on the image for a closer look. Then, click over to Journella to see how I created this page.

3 thoughts on “Inspired by Audubon

  1. You take such beautiful pictures. I wish I had the time to learn…. by the way… enjoyed the class Monday night (altered spoons). I hope to get started soon on my shadow box. I hope I can make them fit in. You will need to explain what Mosiac Moments are to me. I’m confused. Love your work – as always.

    • Mosaic Moments is a company/method of photo-based scrapbooking that works on a grid of 1″ squares. They offer grid paper that makes it easy to keep the squares lined up. I love the graphical element of it and how awesome it makes your photos look! Hope to be teaching a class on it soon.

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