From cigars to cards

cigar box by Candy Spiegel

I love to take something functional and make it pretty. This time I repurposed a cigar box.

This what I started with …


First I painted the edges so if I miss a part with paper, it will still look nice.002

Then I covered the box, inside and out, with paper (from Kaisercraft) …001004

Then I cut out the bird from another sheet of paper and adhered it with Pop Dots …


I added a bit of lace to the inside and a Piccolo enameled with Vintage Gold to the front …


And it is done!

I set it by the front door to hold mail during the holidays.



7 thoughts on “From cigars to cards

  1. It’s beautiful Candy, as always! This would be a GREAT class. It’s probably not possible, due to a problem coming up with the cigar boxes. I really, really like this.

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