The Kissing Ball

Kissing ball by Candy SpiegelFor several years, I have been wanting a kissing ball. Much like the traditional mistletoe, kissing balls are hung in a doorway and those caught underneath must kiss.

Originally I discovered these in a flower shop, but the fresh ones are a little pricey.

So, this year, I bought a plain faux green one from a craft store and decided to decorate it on my own.

I made some poinsettias using the Tim Holtz die and Authentique paper, a little Distress Ink and some Art Glitter glitter. Then I added a few birds I found in the Christmas ornaments and …

Kissing Ball by Candy Spiegel

I hung it between my living room and kitchen.

Just for the record, it works!

8 thoughts on “The Kissing Ball

  1. My mom always hung a kissing ball made from holly and it has been on my “to do” list for several Christmases….yours is lovely with the Poinsettias…and congrats on it “working”. 🙂

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