Altered 3-Ring Binder

My 10-year-old nephew visited a yard sale several weeks ago. He found a 3-ring binder with a collage of Victorian elements on the cover and decided it reminded him of his Aunt Candy. So, with his own money, he purchased the binder for me.

I was touched by the gesture, especially since I needed a binder and had yet to make it to an office-supply store to buy one.

But, since it was ugly — his mother assured me I could throw it away — I decided to give it a face lift.

This took all of about 5 minutes — I covered the front with a few pieces of paper and added a couple of Tim Holtz metal corners to the edges.

Now I have a binder more to my taste that holds class instructions, color charts, invoices and other important documents related to my business. Thanks, Jakob!

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