Technique: Piccolo Enamel Powders

It’s Back!

After a brief hiatus for the summer, Technique Thursday returns today with a brand-new product: Piccolo Accents, Charms and Enamel Powders.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you have seen me use them a lot. I cannot help myself. They are made in Michigan and the US, the owners of the company are amazing people and, most importantly, they are quick and easy to use, yet provide a huge impact on a project.

Piccolo Accents & Charms are laser-cut images made from compressed chipboard (or bookboard). Bookboard is stronger and thinner than chipboard, so you can get the look without so much bulk. Once coated with Glastique, a clear, glossy adhesive that will not yellow over time, they can be used as jewelry, like you see here …

Piccolo Enamel Powders come in a variety of colors — all sorts of metals, as well as some unique color combinations. They work like embossing powders, but the results are very different. Enamel Powders provide the look of metal or enamel, complete with dimension.

The enamel powders work great on Piccolo pieces, obviously, but you can also use them on chipboard, Grungeboard and metal.

In this picture, I coated the Grungeboard hinges, and the washer at the bottom, as well as the tiny gears with enamel powders.

I wanted to show you how easy it is to create your own metal looks, so I made a video.

You can watch it here ….

If you want to try out Piccolo Enamel Powders and make a Piccolo piece for yourself, stop by Capture A Memory in Flint Township today from 2-6 p.m. I’ll show you how easy it is — for free! Hope to see you there.



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