Technique Thursday: Copic Airbrush

It is amazing what you can do with a can of air and a Copic marker.

Think of all of those surfaces you have trouble coloring … ribbon, dimensional flowers, metal, plastic … these can all be colored easily and beautifully if you use the Copic Airbrush system.

To start, you want to cover your surface with some scrap paper. Do not use your Nonstick Craft Mat for this one … your ink will puddle and you might pick it back up onto your project. Instead, use some scrap paper.

Screw the airbrush adapter (the part that holds the pen) onto the Copic air can. These come in two sizes, so you can get as much, or as little, air as you want.

Insert the chisel end of the Copic Sketch Marker until it clicks into the airbrush adapter with the longest part of the tip at the top.

Ready, aim (the ink comes from the top of the marker), press the button on the adapter. The harder you press, the more ink will come out. Hold it relatively close to your object for solid ink … hold it back farther for a splatter of ink.

Even if you have yet to take advantage of the Copic craze, you can buy the adapter, can of air and a couple of colors to transform buttons, metal, flowers, ribbons and more. Copic offers 358 colors, so there is bound to be the perfect shade to match your project. And, think of all of the money (and storage space) you will save when you only buy white or cream flowers, buttons, ribbons, etc. and color them yourself.

I’m bringing the rosette ribbon, metal hardware and several different colors of Copics to Capture-A-Memory today. I’ll be there from 2-7 p.m. so you can try it for yourself and then take home what you have colored to add to a card, scrapbook page or altered art. Hope to see you there!

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