A 25-cent box

I picked up a plain little heart-shaped box at a yard sale a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure what I would do with it, but I thought it was cute and it was only 25 cents, so I bought it. Although I expected it to take up residence in my to-alter-some-day box, I found myself inspired and here’s what it became …

It started with Bazzill Basics Paper. This black and white paper is thinner than most scrapbook papers, but thicker than tissue paper and it takes ink well. I took a sheet and colored it with Peacock Feathers Distress Ink from the new spring collection. Then, I used Matte Glastique like a decoupage medium and adhered it to the box. It worked well because the paper was thin enough to go around the corners and indents.

Once covered, I decided the box was too bright, so I went over it with Vintage Photo and Walnut Distress Inks in places to make it look well loved.

I wanted to add ribbon, but nothing I had matched, so I inked up bright white ribbon and adhered that, as well. I am loving Globecraft Memories’ Matte Glastique. It is a thin, white glue that dries clear, but it seems to hold everything — including thick, decorative ribbon on the side of a box.

Then came the embellishments. I used a couple of sets from Globecraft Memories’ Piccolo Decor line. These are compressed chipboard pieces that are laser cut. When adding their enamel powders, they look like metal.

Isn’t it amazing?!

I inked the twine, too, to calm it down a bit.

Not bad for a 25-cent box, eh?


5 thoughts on “A 25-cent box

  1. Candy, I really like your ideas for your ‘found’ box. I like that you used the spring color of distress ink and incorporated the vintage photo ink as well to tone it down. I didn’t purchase the spring colors because I thought they were too bright and I didn’t think I would use them. Foolish me! 🙂 Your box turned out great and thanks for the tip on the Glasstique adhesive – I’ll give it a try. BTW – I caught your two articles in this month’s Michigan’s Scrapbooker Magazine and thought they were both well written and informative. Nice work and congratulations on being published!

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