Butterfly Mornings

This project was inspired by the stamp by Darcie’s “Wishing you Butterfly Mornings and Wildflower Afternoons.” I thought it was so beautiful, I wanted to do something really special with it. So, I framed it in Globecraft Memories new card globes. These are made of cardstock and are about the size of a card, but come with an easel for propping them up, as well.

I added Authentique papers and some Art Glitter Champagne Glitz. Then, I coated each of the Piccolo chipboard pieces with enamel powder from Globecraft Memories. I love the way it turned it out.

Here’s a closer look:

I love the depth you can get from heaping the enamel powder on the chipboard pieces. I start with my heat gun up high enough that none of the powder blows and slowly move it closer to the piece until powder starts to blow and then back off again. After a bit, the powder melts enough that I can get close to the object without any powder blowing and then I can heat it until it is smooth.

It is important to let these cool completely before touching them. Some of the powders have large particles that will come off on your finger if you touch them too soon.

Thanks for looking and enjoy your own butterfly morning!

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