Glitter You Can Color

It isn’t often that a new product comes along in the world of paper crafting that sends me head-over-heels.

Sure, I fall in love with new papers and stickers and die cuts. And, yes, I get excited over new tools. But rarely do I “discover” something truly new and magnificent.

But this time, I did.

I cannot take credit for discovering this … it is not even brand new, but, it is new to Michigan and new to Capture A Memory in Flint Township and I am completely, head-over-heels in love with it!

What is so exciting, you are wondering? Glitter you can color!!!!

Elizabeth Craft Designs has a glitter that is so soft, you can color it with your Copic Sketch Markers. And, it blends beautifully! I was so impressed, I made a video. Now, keep in mind it is my first video and don’t laugh too loudly, (and yes, I know the card is upside down … the viewer tricked me) but here it is …

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