Technique Thursday: Shimmer Sheetz UPDATED

It is Thursday and that means it is time for another technique.

This one is double amazing — amazingly simple and amazingly beautiful…

See what I mean? And they look even better in person! You can stop by and see all of these samples, and try it for yourself at Capture A Memory in Flint Township today from 2-6 p.m. today.

Let me tell you how easy it is … you only need three products: Shimmer Sheetz by Elizabeth Craft Designs, an embossing folder (I used ones by Sizzix/Tim Holtz) and StazOn Ink. (I used jet black.)

Shimmer Sheetz are an acid-free mylar, or type of plastic. They come in two different varieties: iris and metallic. While both types come in a variety of colors, the iris ones are the ones with the gradient and iridescent colors, like the sample above. The metallic ones are solid and can be used with some additional techniques, which I will share a little later.

First, let’s do this quick and easy technique …

Step 1: Cut the sheet of Shimmer Sheetz to the desired size (it cuts easily in a paper trimmer or with scissors).

Step 2: Place it inside a textured embossing folder and run it through your die cut machine (Big Shot, Vagabond, Cuttlebug, etc.)

Step 3: Flip your StazOn ink pad over and smear it over the front of the Shimmer Sheetz. You may need to apply a little pressure, but not too much. The idea is to just ink the highlighted areas on your image. Let it dry for a minute or two and it is done.

Simple, huh.

To turn it into a card, you can mat it, like I did in the sample above, or do something like this …

For this one, I cut the Shimmer Sheetz into 3 parts (after I inked it) and then placed them side-by-side on the card. Then, I added a strip of ribbon and a couple of pins from Maya Road. Then I used a punch to create a circle out of some unaltered Shimmer Sheetz and stamped on it with Staz On ink.

So, now you know you can cut, emboss, ink, stamp and punch Shimmer Sheetz. You can also sand it after embossing for a different look and you can run it through your die cut system and cut it with a steel-rule die — the thick ones by Sizzix/Tim Holtz.

But wait, there’s more …

The solid color or metallic sheets of Shimmer Sheetz take alcohol ink!

There are a few cautions here …

1. DO NOT use the iris colors. The alcohol ink will remove the color.

2. Only ONE side of the Shimmer Sheetz works. The alcohol ink will remove the color on the other side.

So, how do you tell which is which? Take a bit of blending solution and apply it in a corner. If you are on the right side, nothing will happen. If you are on the wrong side, it will first turn silver and then become completely clear — which might be a cool look, but you could save yourself some trouble and use acetate for that!

Anyhow, I applied layers of alcohol ink with the felt applicator, letting it dry between layers. (I noticed it takes a little longer to dry than normal. I kept finding my fingerprints permanently inked in places, so take your time and really let it dry.)

Then I embossed and added ink just like the ones above. Then, I cut it into pieces and applied it to a cigar box that I had painted black. I used additional stickers from Elizabeth Craft Designs to cover the seams. And, when it was all dry, I added a coat of Diamond Glaze to the entire box. And, when that was dry, I added one of the new knobs by Tim Holtz and a few metal gears.

The piece on the front was not embossed, so you can see how beautiful it is with just the alcohol inks.

It is a little bit funky and extremely shiny and not really, “me,” but I absolutely love it and I am dying to show it to all of you!

Stop by  Capture A Memory in Flint Township today from 2-6 p.m. today. I cannot wait to see you!

2 thoughts on “Technique Thursday: Shimmer Sheetz UPDATED

  1. Really great ideas. Too bad you don’t have a store here in NJ. By the way have you ever tried the “shrinky- Ding Oven?”. I received one for Xmas last year, it’s like a easy bake oven for shrink plastic. I’ve also used mine to do some embossing.

    • Thanks for reading … I have used a toaster oven, but not an actual Shrinky Dink oven. I do mail order … the store where I used to do these Techniques has since closed. But, I do travel and offer classes … although I have not been invited to NJ yet!

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