Technique Thursdays

Today is just a normal Thursday, but starting next Thursday, there will be some exciting things going on …

I am going to be working with Capture A Memory, an independent scrapbook store in Flint Township, to share a new technique each Thursday. You’ll find samples and links on my page and then you can stop by the store from 2-6 p.m. to try out the techniques for yourself!

We are still working out the final details, but I think it is going to be great. You all know how much I love techniques and this will be an amazing way to learn, share and explore new techniques together.

Until then, I wanted to share another page I created about my chickens (I hope no one is sick of chickens, yet. I really do have chickens on my mind constantly, but I’ll try to move onto other topics of scrapbooking after this one!)

This one is actually about my cat, Misty. Misty is 9. Although she is an indoor cat now, she was originally an outdoor cat and spent several years coming and going as she pleased. This neighborhood is not suitable to that, so we keep her inside now.

Anyhow, when she was an outside, she was a hunter with a special taste for birds. Needless to say, I was so terrified that she would eat my chicks when I brought them home, I actually tied the door to the chickens’ room shut at night to make sure she couldn’t get to them.

Funny thing is, she fell in love with them instantly and has never attempted to do more than smell them. She doesn’t even get that close (especially after one of them pecked her). But, she loves her chickens and spends hours each day watching them and sleeping nearby. During those weeks that the door was tied shut at night, she would wait outside the door as soon as I got up in the morning so she could make sure they were OK.

It really is rather touching to watch her and I wanted to remember her love of the chickens, so I created this page. It uses paper and letter stickers I have had around for years, but I updated it a bit with a few metal pieces from Idea-ology. Just proof that you can still use the old stuff in your craft room!

3 thoughts on “Technique Thursdays

  1. What a neat story about your chicks and cat. Love the way you scrapped it so you would always remember-and prove your cat loved your chicks! Great job!

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