Storage options

Compared to the studio photos I see online and in the magazines, I do not have an over abundance of scrapbook supplies.

Yes, I have a lot, but I don’t have it all — not even close.  But, my room is full. And, whenever I go to a crop, I feel like I am moving in and my truck is packed with supplies.

I do not have a lot of paper or stickers. It’s the ink, paint and other things that take up all of the space. So, I started looking for alternative storage solutions that would take up less space (and weigh less) while still being easy to access.

This is what I came up with ….

The case in the back holds all of my embossing powders, glitter, flock, Perfect Pearls, etc. It is a recycled fishing tackle sort of box I got from my husband.

The front case holds all of my paints and reinkers. It is slightly bigger than a shoe box and was about $3 at Wal-Mart.

And, my favorite new case is the tackle box in front. For about $15 at Wal-Mart, it holds all of my brads, buttons, charms, pins, hinges and other embellishments. Best of all, it still has space to add more!

These three new boxes have replaced quite a stack of stuff in my room ….

From seven containers and a spice rack down to three boxes is pretty darn impressive!

4 thoughts on “Storage options

  1. Must be the season for cleaning and organizing! Great job when you can downsize the storage space of your stash!

    Will we be seeing some of those other items show up at the Scrap Tales Garage Sale?

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