Distress Ink Holder

This idea was not mine … I “stole” it from a friend and class instructor. But, I think it is so wonderful, I wanted to share it.

It is made with a plastic storage container by Plano. (Look for them in the sporting goods department … they are often near the tackle boxes). I put the dividers in to fit my inks.

I had my husband glue two wooden blocks at the bottom for legs, since it will fall over otherwise. He also attached a handle to the top … mine is from my Cricut box, but you could use one from laundry detergent.

Then, I printed the label list of Distress Inks off of the Ranger website and colored them with my Distress Inks before attaching them.

I don’t have all of the inks, so I had plenty of room to include my Ranger Archival Inks at the top, which is perfect, since I often use them together.

This solution may not be fancy, but I believe it cost about $7, including the labels!

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