Nothing is safe

My youngest cat, Winifred, likes to scrapbook with me.

When she was a baby, she would sleep on a corner of my table as I worked.

Now, she sleeps at my feet or hops into my chair when I’m not looking.

She is always waiting for me to share with her. She loves to chew on the foam some of the brads, like those from Bo Bunny, come in. And, she likes to play with the plastic packaging, as well. Sometimes I find she has taken off with something, but most of the time, she waits for me to give her something to play with.

Of course, she loves ribbon. I store my ribbon in Mason jars and she knows the sound of the jar opening. She comes running hoping that I will let her play with a bit.

But, on this particular day, I was in a silly mood and she was too tired (or lazy) to play with the ribbon, so I decorated her with it. Don’t worry, it wasn’t tied tight or knotted and I kept an eye on her.

Besides, she should know better. In my house, if you sit still long enough, you are likely to get decorated.

She should be thankful I wasn’t playing with ink or glitter that day …

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