In love with Copic

I knew once I tried Copic markers, I would have to have them.
So, for more than a year, I ignored my friends whenever they offered to let me use their markers. I told myself I didn’t need another product that was the latest trend, nor did I need one that worked best on special paper.
And then I kept looking at all of those beautiful stamped images colored in with Copic markers and I decided maybe it was OK just to look.
Well, there are some products you cannot just look at without knowing deep down inside that you must have them.
It happened to me when the store was having too good of a sale to pass up and I decided to indulge.
It took me several months to build up a collection that I could work with, but I have yet to regret my decision. In fact, I have purchased more stamps that I never would have bought before Copic to go with my markers.
At first, I spent time coloring to relax. Then, I started making a few projects, like the Riley card above, using a rubber stamp, a die by Dies Direct and Copic markers.
Granted, I am not as good as the person who taught me, but I am impressed with my personal results. I have tried several different types of markers, colored pencils, paint, watercolor pencils, chalk pencils and chalk to attempt to color in stamped images of the years and never had the success I have with Copic. In fact, my lack of skills caused me to stop stamping most images years ago.
My latest satisfaction came when making this card …

The flower that goes across the middle of the card was made with a Bo Bunny stamp. I used Copic markers to match the colors in the paper.
The coolest thing is I don’t own any of those bright colors. I simply lightly layered my Copic colors until I came up with colors that matched perfectly.
Then, because all things should sparkle, I added some Stickles to the top.

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